Mississippi Kite

Mississippi Kite, #001 and the first bird in in the Anidex.

Birds, class Aves is a major class of Animals in the Animal Warriors Universe. Birds make up most of the species found in the Universe.


Birds, like mammals, are warm-blooded; unlike most mammals (save monotremes), they lay eggs. They are the only animals with feathers and other than bats, the only vertebrates that have wings.

Types of birds

Birds can be further divided into these major groups:

Palaeognaths aka ratites

The Common Ostrich and Somali Ostrich are the tallest birds in the Universe. They will be added in the future.

The Greater Rhea and Lesser Rhea are the third tallest birds in the Universe. Greater Rhea is native to Animalos, while Lesser Rhea will be added in the future.

The emus and cassowaries are the second tallest birds in the Universe. Emu is native to Tierwald and Tropicalos while the cassowaries will be added in the future.

The kiwis are the only birds with vestigial wings. They are nocturnal and lay eggs that make up a quarter (25%) of their weight. Little Spotted Kiwi is native to Tropicalos and Tierwald.

Tinamous are quail-like birds that lay colourful eggs. They will be added in the future.

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