Dierenparadijs DEER-en-pair-ah-dace
Dutch for "Animal Paradise"
Artwork of Dierenparadijs
Introduction Stripe and Cinnamon on Blue Whale Island
Professor None
Starter Pokémon None
Regional Villains Various
Pokémon League {{{league}}}
League Location {{{location}}}
Anidex List All Animals available.
Generation VI
Games {{{games}}}
Fanfiction Debut ---

Dierenparadijs (DEER-en-pair-ah-dace) is a region in which only Animals inhabit.

Animals from every generation are found in Dierenparadijs; all of them can be befriended.

Gameplay in the RP

This version of the RP is an adaptation of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. Like the main version of the RP, it has two gameplay modes: dungeon exploring and town exploring. Dungeon exploring involves battling and exploring. It is a turn-based game, with each attack, item or step being counted as a single turn.

The size of the party is limited to four Animals, as compared to six in the main RPs. Furthermore, players are only able to directly control one Animal: their own character (or befriended Animals).


Main story



The gate to Dierenparadijs is guarded by many legendary, mythical animals, including:


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